Are Your Feet in Top Shape?

Just like how driving a car without occasional maintenance can mean a breakdown at the worst possible time, going long periods without managing your foot and ankle health can risk a blowout down the line.

And if you use ongoing treatments such as orthotic inserts, regular check-ups can ensure they are still working their best for you. It’s important not only to keep up with changes in your equipment, but with you as well!

If any foot and ankle concerns have cropped up, don’t wait! Reach out by phone or our contact page. We’ll be happy to schedule an appointment and get you back into top gear.

If it has been a while since you’ve had a checkup, please feel free to reach out to our friends at Brook Valley Podiatry by phone at (845) 352-7507 or on their contact page. If there are any concerns, they’ll be happy to schedule an appointment with you at your next convenient opportunity.

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